Glute Kickback Tutorial!


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Glute Kickback Tutorial!

It’s one of the most common incorrectly performed exercises I see - so hopefully this tutorial helps. :)

The glute kickback is not an exercise I do often as I don’t believe it is the best way to grow or strengthen the glutes simply because you can’t lift enough weight to cause the most amount of muscle fibre recruitment possible. When you use heavy weights for the kickback it ends up putting pressure on the lower back therefore I think it’s definitely a bonus exercise you can add into your glute day (providing you have good technique) but don’t expect much glute growth if it’s the only exercise you’re relying on “to grow your butt”. In my opinion nothing beats hip thrusts, lunges, deadlifts, squats, step ups, bridges, & split squats etc. for glute building & strengthening!!


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